2019 • NEW YEARS WRIT • 2020

When you were 20
When you are 30;

When you just recently
revisited your mother’s houseplant
alive longer than you
by a good decade;

When you’re newly fallen
for a new fable;

When the slowcooker
in the background while
images of redblood sun in

When you find that
thrones don’t come with rear
view mirrors;

When you’re filled with love
to bursting
when you know not the words;
when you keep coming back to naïve melody;

When now;

When the sound of crows
in chorus and the dryer

When the glowing sun of a
rightful dynasty is nigh;

When there’s plenty work to do.

Now magic and clear.

Thank you. I love you.


091319| Harvest Moon

When the air is white with the down o’ thistle,
And the sky is red with the Harvest Moon.


This year’s Harvest Moon was full and fell on Friday the 13th. Imagine the mood. Full moons are meant for reaping, (new moons for sowing); throw the harvest on it and you’ve got quite a reception.

In honor of the moonings-on, I am (finally) participating in T H E  M O O N  L I S T :

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