diaric, poetry

’23 raining rubies run the roses

when it’s a rain run,/
when you’re welcome, hop on in my woodie/
my chariot plays again the Butterfly Lovers on violin,/
when there’s a lost wolfhound crossing the road,/
so you double back but dog gone;

when a teenager hangs out the car window
when it’s almost warm enough outside
and just beyond the stop
he shouts <<i love you>>
to the skateboard kid on the sidewalk
he calls back <<what?>>
when they laugh calling back and forth
<<i love you!!>>
<<i love you!!>>
when until their voix dissipate in the distance

if it hurts, let it hurt.

pay more for the waves that rise and blot your book
pay more for it is luxury.
For this city lived a thousand years
For this sinking has already commenced.

supper clubs, movie stars
winning the contest
(not caring a whit for the outcome,
caring only for fun’s plaisir)
above all, inner fulfillment
this elegant pearl shows contentment

The Wish Card

two tea parties in one day
all the cups end up on the floor

Find greater heights.